The idea of self reliance is a beautiful concept, teaching responsibility for our own existence and actions, but it is not only extremely difficult, it is a lot of the time unsustainable. That is we try to rely only on ourselves for too much and burn out. For this world to evolve and flourish what is needed is local, resilient, stable and diverse communities. Common Unity is an idea that is removed somewhat from our society, as it is standard to work for our own things and segregate ourselves from certain people, cultures or societies which do not suit us.
Permaculture teaches that we need our fellow humans if we are going to make our transition from consumers to producers, relying more on the energy of each other to form a sturdy and diverse network that serves each individual in accordance to the whole community.
We now look towards a new future, considering our fellow humans and aiming to build a unique, resilient and harmonious existence.


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