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Here are a list of webpages, blogs, videos etc. that are relevant to Permaculture, Herbal Medicine and all things plant, animal and Wow!

Plants for a future:
This is an amazing database of plants, with research, a blog, plant uses and a forum.

This site has extensive information on design, technology, transport, science, business and energy. There is even a page for posts with the title 'Nature Blows my Mind!' which is filled with truly amazing articles and facts on our wonderful spinning world of cosmic dust that has evolved to harbor life and US!

Building a 'Walipini' (underground greenhouse):

Sun Path:
Sun path calculator:
About the suns path:


Soil Testing:

Compost, Vermiculture and Green Manures:

Local Harvest: 

Permaculture Day:

This site is amazing for mapping information within Australia. Gives you good overviews on the lay of the land, soil maps, contour maps etc.

Ana White homemaker:
amazing site about homesteading, has plans for carpentry projects!

Botany and Plant Function:

Penny Livingston Stark

Bioregions of Victoria

Ecological Vegetation Classes Benchmarks for each Bioregion

Plant Science

How to Store rainwater

My Home Harvest

Plant Sex:

Susun Weed Blog Talk Radio

Botanists Kitchen

Green Shopping Free E-books:

Darren J Doherty

Herbal Medicine:

Tools for a Future:


UK foraging guide:

E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia

Sun Path:

Wild Food and Medicine:

Wild Craft:

Sustainable Table:

Savory Institute:
Holistic Management and Healing the Land

Holistic Management


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