"Its not really a matter of can we change the world, its really a matter of how do we want to change the world.
So to begin I want to first talk about this word, the environment, we think of something out there, i still think most people dont think of the environment as being their surroundings, they think of something out there, something far away, maybe the endangered whale in some far away ocean, we dont think about the environment as being the air in our lungs, the trash we throw away, our economic interactions, our community in which we live, we dont think of it as the toilet that we flush. we dont think of it as where we really exist. But this is the biggest difference between the western scientific view of the world and the indigenous world views. The seperation between ourselves and our environment. In a lot of cultures there isnt even a word for nature, or for ecology or the environment.
And i think that this very separation of this idea of environment inherently, maybe subconsciously teaches us that the environment is an external thing, and it lets us let go of our connection and responsibility to the things we are doing to the environment, which we are ultimately doing to ourselves."- Auditory Canvas, 'Get Green Soothe'


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