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The Medicine Path - Medicinal Gardening Workshop 2017

The Medicine Path 

As a girl, I would drape myself in a cream coloured sarong and hold my mothers hardwood mortar and pestle in the crook of my arm, humming scrapes of songs my subconscious would stumble upon, songs from my ancestors that harboured deep connections with the natural world.  I would ‘pretend’ I was a medicine woman under the static of the suburban power lines, and as I grew I would seek out the ‘wild’ places, the storm water drains that were lined with green, the gullies that were so steep they were safe from the sprawl, the creeks littered with McDonalds wrappers… These were sacred places to me, these were the only ones I could find. 
All I knew was the natural world, seeing living, breathing, growing things, had an effect on me like no other. It balanced me. I felt a sense of instant calm, something that was not so common to me. I felt held. I could ‘listen’ to the trees and plants, even if they did not speak in words with tongues, they would say something deeper, an…

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