Permaculture is not just a way of gardening, it is a design science! It can be applied to many areas of our lives and is not to be mistaken purely for organic gardening. There are many ways to describe Permaculture, just as there are many threads to a spider’s web - separate in their definitions, yet still integral to the whole system.
To design using Permaculture, one must first observe nature, as this is where the inspiration and effectiveness of Permaculture comes from.
Using what we learn from nature and taking into account elemental factors such as the position of the sun, direction of the wind, rainfall and so on, we can create designs which harness these aspects and work in an integrated and supported living system.
This way of thinking and designing need not only be applied to our gardens. We can use what we learn in many facets of our lives (such as our kitchen, workspace and even our personal and emotional lives), utilizing our energy in a way that is efficient and effective; just like nature.


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