Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Zealand Food Bill and Natural Health Products Bill

This is a page I am using to compile as much information about these as possible, trying to find out all the details, when the dates are that they are to be passed, if the consiquences of them being passed are actually as dire as most people think etc.
There is a lot of SIFTING that needs to be done, so feel free to use this page as a basis for your own research regarding these issues.
I may also try and put some info up about the current state of America with certain similar Bills.... bare with me, I can only fit so much in my brain at a time!

The New Zealand Food Bill
Government bill 160-2
The New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Q & A page

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
'New Zealands 160-2 Food Bill- An Oppurtunity!' - a community initiative to raise awareness about the NZ food bill


New Zealand Natural Health Products Bill
Government Bill 324-1

NZ Food Security
Use the Natural Health Products Bill to Counter the Food Bill

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Manifesto on the Future of Seeds

'The International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture' has published this manifesto free for us to download. This is an important read for all those concerned with our future and the need for food security and seed saving.

Download here:

Through Dr.Vandana Shiva's website, an incredible woman who is fighting for our food rights.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Dynamic Groups with Robin Clayfield


As of Monday 20th Feb I started the 'Dynamic Groups' 6 day workshop with Robin Clayfield at Eltham College, as part of my Permaculture Diploma.
This unit is all about community and facilitation, which means I am in my element!
This is more of a little Revision for me, but I will hopefully keep adding things that I recall. 
If you want more detail on these amazing processes you can buy Robin's book 'Teaching Permaculture Creatively' from her directly. This is an amazing resource, and although some of the processes and games may look a little child like, they work so well! I didn't even realize I was learning so much in such a short time. This workshop was incredibly inspirational, and has given me so many tools to work with, and increased my self confidence immensely!

Summery of Games and Proccesses:
Brain Exercises:
*Mind Maps (group input, Brain bubble)
*Visualization (check in, self awareness, relaxation, grounding, meditation)
*Cross Crawling (shoulder shoulder group game, wobbley archer, nose and ears)
*Body Buttons (Massage, Jeff Hodgus book)
*Creative thinking (Card games, storytelling, problem solving, quiz's)

 Check ins:
*One word to describe Mental, Physical Emotional state
*Throw Ball in a circle and say: Name, emotion, goal, etc.
*Pick something from nature to describe your feeling
*Act out your emotion or state
*Exaggerate your emotional state with a facial expression
*Describe yourself as a tree
*Passion page

*Massage in group
*Stiff leg/muscle game
*Ear and eye massage

 Trust Games:

Grouping Processes:
*Numbers, Symbols or something from Nature
*Line up
*3 Noises
*Divide room in half
*Random interests
*Card games

*First persons gaze

*Have you ever?/Are you going to?
*Ear and Eye massage
*Dance and Movement
*Cross crawling

*Day, Month year
*Paper-slip timeline
*Ball throw recall
*Walk backwards through day
*Mind Maps

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Design for Kalorama Permablitz
Designed by Taj Scicluna