New Zealand Food Bill and Natural Health Products Bill

This is a page I am using to compile as much information about these as possible, trying to find out all the details, when the dates are that they are to be passed, if the consiquences of them being passed are actually as dire as most people think etc.
There is a lot of SIFTING that needs to be done, so feel free to use this page as a basis for your own research regarding these issues.
I may also try and put some info up about the current state of America with certain similar Bills.... bare with me, I can only fit so much in my brain at a time!

The New Zealand Food Bill
Government bill 160-2
The New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Q & A page

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
'New Zealands 160-2 Food Bill- An Oppurtunity!' - a community initiative to raise awareness about the NZ food bill


New Zealand Natural Health Products Bill
Government Bill 324-1

NZ Food Security
Use the Natural Health Products Bill to Counter the Food Bill


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