Seed Saving - ensuring our survival with our own hands!

This is a 'Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship and Seed Sovereignty' distributed by the Seed Ambassadors Project, and is available online for free!
It was released in 2010, and is a practical and inspiring guide to get us started on the path of self sufficiency and emphasizing the importance of these little embryonic life forms which give us sustenance, nourishment and vitality.
Please share with whoever you can and lets start to replace our investments in fruit and vegetable seeds, rather than consumer goods, leading to a resilient and vibrant future.

Also, please refer to the 'Seed Savers Manifesto' in one of my later posts for another beautifully written and significant piece on the power of seeds and the role they have in ensuring our survival in the future.

" About 75 percent of agricultural crop diversity is estimated to have been
lost since the beginning of the last century." p.1

Why is genetic diversity so important? 
".. erosion of diversity directly limits our ecological and social resilience and
adaptability within this changing world." p.1

If things are uniform they loose their rigidity, their strength and vitality, their ability to adapt and change with the world around them. Ecology exists as an equilibrium, a constant balance of all that has evolved to adapt to situations and surrounds, and if spokes of this web are cut then the structure can't support itself.


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