New Season Permaculture Design Courses

The Perma Pixie and Tamara Griffiths (and Ducky) are hosting more Permaculture Design Courses!
This time we are running our Perma Revolution from our lush new home in the Dandenong Ranges!
We aim to inspire, empower and motivate our students (who we feel are also our teachers) and facilitate their learning by aiding their self-discovery and encouraging them to use themselves and the surrounding community as a resource!
We have already commenced our Evening PDC class, and are three classes in. You can read about these classes on Tamaras blog:
where she documents the journey of our Wednesday Permaculture family.

The next Permaculture Design Course will commence on:

Saturday 23rd Feb, 10am- 5:30pm (6 hr day)
Cost: $600 waged $400 concession

This is a full 72 hr Permaculture Design Course, which aims empower and inspire students to continue their lives with a sustainable and consious outlook.
Students will upon completion be offered an internationally recognized Qualification and be given a Permaculture Design Certificate.

Topics covered include:
- Permaculture Principles and Ethics - Ecology - Patterns in Nature
- Methods of Design - Water - Soils and Compost - Animal Systems
- Common-unity and Social Permaculture - Forests and Plants

for enquiries and bookings please contact:

We look forward to both teaching and learning with you, as we live our dreams and support ecologic transformation through Permaculture Education!


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