Building a Tiny House

During my time in the United States I started to ponder how I wanted my life to be once I returned home. I had a few things in mind, but the one thing I truly wanted to live more of a Permaculture lifestyle.
Anyone who has lived in a sharehouse knows its ups and downs, and trying to push sustainability or Permacultue onto people is not really my thing. I wanted to live in a house where people understood minimal waste, wanted to garden, saved water, ate from co-ops and tried to conserve energy.
I also wanted the house to have an element of freedom, where people did not feel forced to do these things, or would not be reprimanded if one day they came home with a plastic bag from the shops.
I wanted to live with like-minded people, who were aware and tried their best.

One day I stumbled upon this ad: Free Rent in an EcoVillage for a Year? (Documentary Project)
and after reading immediately sent a message to Samuel Alexander.

I am the kind of person that tries to apply for everything that excites me, and then I see what comes back.... whatever comes back I take as the thing I should be doing.
After an interview from a cafe in California via Skype, I received an email from Sam stating that they would love to have me on board, and the project would be starting in January 2015.

Well... that was that then! Upon my return to Melbourne, Australia, I attended a workshop to build a Tiny House, which would be the house I would be living in for the year.
I have always wanted to live in a cottage, and this was a dream come true.
So, as of January 2015 I will be living as part of a Community Farm development project, alongside 8 lovely strangers, with my wonderful dog Zero as part of a documentary being filmed.
I will still be continuing my business as The Perma Pixie, and will be taking regular trips to Melbourne to Facilitate workshops and see my partner (who I am going to miss dearly!).

Following are some photos of the Tiny House Build.... Next is the painting and furniture!

Home Sweet Home. This will be where I complete Permaculture Design work, finish my Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine, create my Medicinals and Medicine making kits and get cozy by the fire after a long day building and gardening!

Thanks to Elizabeth Wade for the photos. 


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