Sacred Ecology Course

 Something very special has been in the making for a while now; the Sacred Ecology Course.
A collaboration between myself and the epic Claire Dunn, author of My Year Without Matches. This course is a fusion of Primitive Living and Permaculture Skills and Awareness, to help people reconnect with Nature and learn how to exist as part of an Ecology.

A seasonal exploration of the elements; Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit, each season we will be spending a weekend immersed in Nature, learning, observing, using ritual and developing skills to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

This course is based on Starhawks book The Earth Path, which each participant will receive a copy of as a kind of textbook. Participants also receive their own small handbound journal, to record their journey through the elements.

I have been visioning this for a long time, ever since I was 15 and read Starhawks book, and I am so happy to be making it a reality, and joining forces with a women like Claire to provide a course like no other.

I look forward to the journey with you- may we start the process I call remembering.

The first seasons focus will be on the Element of Fire, where we will be learning skills such as Primitive Fire making, Fire Vegetation, Winter Medicine, Rocket Stoves and Spoon Carving around the Fire, as well as many nature observation exercises and Ritual that will connect us with our internal Passion and Fire.

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