Permaculture Design Course Graduation

July 2015

 During each Permaculture Design Course Graduation, we feel it couldn't get better. Myself and Tamara Griffiths fall in love with the class, we share certain jokes, eat communal food and look forward to joining with like minded individuals each Wednesday to discuss issues, ideas and strategies we are incredibly passionate about.

This Graduation had 18 students presenting what they had learnt in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

During the course we focus on a range of teaching methods and processes, to allow a wide range of learners to engage and interact with the course material. Myself and Tamara have trained with Robin Clayfield and Rosemary Morrow (amongst others) to understand not only PDC content, but how to deliver it in a way that is exciting and fun. 
I look forward to developing these methods further so they may translate to other countries and languages, making Permaculture Education accessible to a broader community of people that may require its strategies as the effects of climate change, economic crisis, food security and peak oil become more prominent. 

 The Presentation Day of our Course allows us to gauge how well we have done as facilitators- and each time I am aware of the steps we have made to change things up, add material and work on certain areas to ensure participants develop a comprehensive understanding of Design.

The last Presentation Day had us all on an incredible sugar high, as two participants presented their design in Edible Form! They displayed Food Forests, Dams, Houses, Solar panels, Chickens, Bee hives and more in a 3D model that we could eat!

There were a range of really creative and really practical designs and ideas. Although we tell participants that they can be as creative as they like, it is explained that the ideas and thinking behind a design are what really matter (in other words: don't freak out if your not artistic!).
Value Diversity is a Permaculture principle that is embraced during our courses, as everyone has something different and relevant to add.

The day was filled with beautiful drawings, impressive powerpoint presentations, interesting stories, thoughtful poems and amazing 3D models, folios and posters!

Both facilitators and participants left feeling inspired and energised. There are a few participants who have joined the designers guild, some that have their first clients, others that are interested in teaching, some which have gained insights to how to change their lifestyles, a couple that are working with community initiatives and development and many who are applying the principles and strategies to their own garden. I feel confident that everyone took something with them they can use thoughtfully and practically in some way. 

We are now developing more course content, have booked a range of guest facilitators, have a new projector to add to the mix (getting fancy!) and have purchased Andy Goldrings book on teaching Permaculture to gain even more perspectives and add to our teaching toolkit!

Thank you to all our participants, Permaculture Education and Facilitation is our greatest passion, and it has all been possible thanks to you.

Next Permaculture Design Course commencing Sept 9th 2015:


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