~ The Labyrinth Garden ~ Spirals of the Divine Connection

 On Tuesday the 22nd of May, before the first Transition Sherbrooke Food Co-Op Meeting, a few of us gathered in Upwey to build a labyrinth! The wind was fierce that day, and there were only four of us, but it was perfect. Tuesdays are generally my days off, and what a way to spend a day off! Sarah and Tamara organized it, Sarah the ideas womyn and Tamara the instigator. Tamara is one hell of an instigator! Always doing amazing things for the benefit of the community- she radiates light and love from her garden goddess soul, and I am constantly in gratitude of being on this Perma Path with her!! <3

The labyrinth was formed using lots of different kinds of flour and some wheat and legumes. We decided to go with a spiral- the symbol of change, growth, the goddess, evolution.

Incense was lit in the middle of the spiral, (purchased from Resin Aromatics at the Grassroots market in Upwey). Our intention and focus was on the Divine Connection.... what a beautiful thing for attention!
We all spiraled the powdered grains around and around, and each took turns scorching the earth around it with Tamaras 'weed wand'!

After a good 3 hours or more, we each walked into the labyrinth, the entrance being near the majestic pine tree, one by one we took our slow steps to the center, and left something in the middle with our intent fueled into it. After a few breathes, we spiraled out, feeling lighter, freer, breathing easier. Tamara took my hand and we walked out of the spiral together, and hugged with tears in our eyes. There was something so magickal, so emotional, about taking that journey to the center and back out again.
This was such a nourishing day, and I hope to continue spending more of my time doing things that feel so cleansing to my soul, with people that are so beneficial to my existence. xx


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