Transition Sherbrooke Food Co-Op

I recently became the volunteer Coordinator for the Transition Sherbrooke Food Co-Operative!
The first meeting will be held on TUES 22ND MAY 2012, Check out the flyer below for more details.

Please fill out the survey to have a say in your community!


Amazing local produce guide for Mount Alexander:
I have a vision of a group of us starting something like this for the hills! Then the food co-op could work off the guide.

The Food Co-Op Shop

Regulator of Co-operatives in Victoria:

Registrar of Co-operatives
Consumer Affairs Victoria
PO Box 4567
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Co-operatives ACT 1996$FILE/96-084a.pdf

The Food Co-Op Shop 'Rules'
This is an excellent guide as a reference for all the processes of decision making, membership, finances and legalities.

Small Landholder series: 'Competing against the big guys'

Many ideas brewing!


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