Vertical Pallet Garden around the Bush Bath

The backyard is a constant process.... it will NEVER ALL BE DONE! I have to constantly remind myself of this! I do, however, have some visions, and those visions are made more and more attainable with my wonderful brothers and sisters that love to get their hands in the dirt!
One of those visions is for my bush bath (which I may even do a design for tonight.... hrmmm) Right now, the design is in my head, and I will share a few of the things I have envisioned with you....
Firstly, do you know what a 'Bush Bath' is?! If not, it is one of the most incredible things ever! It is a bath that is outdoors, propped up over a fire. The bath is filled with water, the fire is lit, the cover is put on top, and you go make some dinner while you wait for your cleanliness soup to start to bubble! (well... not bubble, you don't want to cook!... make a small fire!) One of the things I will stress if you are ever going to do this is to always have a piece of wood (an old wooden chopping board is good) to sit on in case your bum gets too hot!! You do not want to burn!
Perhaps I should be doing a blog on bush baths?! We will see...
Anyway, they are amazing, as you lay in a bath that stays hot for a long time, look up at the stars and around at the trees, and heat a pot of tea on the coals! Bliss....
The bath of mine is quite RamSHacKle! It is held up by some really shoddy looking bricklaying, (the back wall rocks, and then you can see I start to get impatient) and some star pickets- but, despite its appearance, it is very sturdy indeed! As it should be in case someone chooses to have a romantic bath for two...
One of my goals is to lay chicken wire around the bricks, fill it with hay and then render it with lime and bits of broken plates- which will make it look beautiful and neat.

Another of my visions is.... was... to create a Vertical Pallet Garden, or even a few, to lean against the North wall around the bath.
Today that intention was put into actuality by myself, and three other womyn of wonder!
Lately I have been LOVING being surrounded by my sistas (and my brothers, although I do not have nearly as many male gardening folk around me) as we have been pursuing amazing projects and working on very wholesome and nourishing activities. I have been feeling a grounding and connectivity not only with these people, but with the errrrth and all its beauty. I cannot give enough praise to gardening with people!
Of course, one of those goddesses with their helping hands was Tamara, who sheds her compassion and experience where ever she goes.

As I am a complete cheap skate saving for Permaculture 

projects for Europe, we obtained pretty much everything 
for FREE!

-1 Wooden Pallet
- Mulch
- Top Soil
- Compost
- Nails
- Hammer (some people use a staple gun)
- Geofabric (or landscapers mesh, or shade cloth)
- Plants and Seeds

The only things that were paid for were the nails, the plants and the Geofabric (which is a man made synthetic breathable fabric which does not decompose... I do not know how good this stuff is for our errrth, but it fits the purpose of this garden very well).

In between various tea and lunch breaks we proceeded to:

- Cover the back and bottom of the Pallet with Geofabric, making sure to fold it over around the edges so it does not fray, and nailing it in place. This ensures that the soil will not fall out the back and the bottom when you fill it with soil to plant into. 

- Mix the Mulch, Compost and Topsoil (all courtesy of a good friend and his very giving backyard) in a wheelbarrow.
- Turn the Pallet upright and fill with the black beautiful mess that we created (with our bare hands of course!). 

- Make little holes and plant into them. We used violets, snap dragons and lawn chamomile to start with, which are things that I'm pretty sure like 'wet feet' and enjoy shady conditions, considering that the pallet faces south. 

Here are some useful links that explain making Pallet gardens in more detail:


Lemon, Ginger and Chickpea curry was made in a pumpkin baked in the oven, along with Chilli and Nutmeg spelt sourdough and salad! Mmmmmmmm Soil Soul Fuel Food!!
And Chai with cake!

Thank you to my sistrrs for helping make my aspirations and aims that much more attainable!


  1. Fk yeh Taj! You are an inspirational gardener and person! I'd love to see more pictures of your projects and scans of your diagrams, if that's possible? I'm terribly interested, I just never find the time to do such things myself! But reading and seeing what you do feels like vicarious enjoyment to me! And, seeing the ideas spreads that seed, a constant reminder that we should all put more effort in to nurturing the land around us! xo =)

  2. You inspiring goddess :D <3 cannot wait to get my hands into the dirt with you!!


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